Davis Cup 2022 betting: Predictions and keys

Davis Cup 2022 betting

The bets on the final phase of the Davis Cup mark the final stretch of the month of November. Not only tennis fans have this great sporting event marked on their calendar, but all those who are interested in the sport are keeping an eye on the Davis Cup final.

The ‘robin round’ and second chances are over, now the tennis teams will play everything for everything in the quarterfinals, semis and final. In this final phase that will start on November 23 until the 27th, he will face the best 8 national teams. Do you know his characteristics and his fitness? You already have a lot won in betting on the Davis Cup final! Otherwise, here you will find the best Davis Cup tips!

With the expulsion of Russia due to the war, the significant casualties especially in Spain, but also in Italy and Germany, and a new competition format, all the ingredients are on the table for maximum excitement when betting on the Davis Cup finals. . Do not miss it!

The best Davis Cup odds

Without a doubt, the Davis Cup represents the icing on the cake of a precious and devastating sport. Why precious? Because few sports are as beautiful, technical and refined as a good tennis match; And why heartbreaking? Because, unlike conventional tournaments, the Davis Cup pits countries against each other, something that causes that silent and extremely calm component to be lost in the stands, to make way for environments more typical of other disciplines, such as football.

And of course, the Davis Cup Final is also a wonderful event to bet on. In fact, betting on the Davis Cup is a whole universe of possibilities within tennis betting, which we already talked about in our Blog. For this reason, we leave you the best keys to the different duels of the final phase, as well as some tennis forecasts for your bets. Let’s go there!

Competition format for the 2022 Davis Cup finals

Competition format

In the final phase, the clashes between countries will consist of two singles matches and one doubles match, all played on the same day. Also, all the matches are the best of three sets, with the possibility of a tie break in all of them. The winner will be decided by the best of 3, that is, whoever wins two contests going through the round.

Davis Cup winners in your bets

Among the Davis Cup teams, we find Sweden, the USA and Spain with a total of 6 trophies, followed by France and Australia with 4, and Germany and Russia with 3. The Czech Republic and Croatia are the group with 2 salad bowls, by 1 from Argentina, Serbia, Switzerland and Great Britain. These have been the laureates in recent years:

  • 2021: Russia
  • 2019: Spain
  • 2018: Croatia
  • 2017: France
  • 2016: Argentina
  • 2015: United Kingdom
  • 2014: Switzerland
  • 2012 and 2013: Czech Republic
  • 2011: Spain
  • 2010: Serbian
  • 2008 and 2009: Spain

The list of winners of the Davis Cup is not decisive data as such, but it can give you good support in betting on the Davis Cup. See who will have less pressure to be at the top, who has more ambition and desire, or simply, who is in a better historical moment, can help you enormously.

Davis Cup 2022 Betting Tips

Betting Tips

How should I do it for my Davis Cup bets? Certainly there is no secret that cannot be found in any other market, with the particularity that here we find several determining factors such as the different parties by country

Important absences: It will be key which players each team presents, more than their level in generic terms. As an example, the Spanish team with Nadal and Alcaraz is another than without him

Moment of form of the tennis players present, as well as their relationship with the type of court (hard, in this case)

Relationship with the competition and with its rivals, also with the list of winners. This advice is especially relevant if each team goes with its best exponents, and the same as other years in the case of the list of winners

When we talk about finals, the degree of volatility is higher than in any other event. Therefore, betting safely must be essential to avoid disappointment in your predictions for the Davis Cup Final.

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