What is a Yankee bet (system bet)?

Yankee bet

Yankee bets offer a nice way to hedge your standard combination bets without a lot of work and so you can also accept the one or other wrong betting tip. So just have fun at 22Bet.

Definition Yankee bet

A Yankee bet is a system bet, where you can still partially win your combination bet even if not all tipped bet outcomes were correctly predicted. The Yankee bet initially consists of a 4-combination bet, which is then split into 11 combination bets (see example below in the text). The advantage of the Yankee bet is therefore obvious and it is primarily used to minimize the betting risk and even with only 2 or 3 correct tips from 4 games of a combination bet to still make a profit or at least minimize the loss.



The 11 bets of a Yankee bet are composed of 4 tips on different betting events and then combination bets are formed from the 4 selected games in all possible combinations:

  • 1 combination bet “4 out of 4” (four-player combination bet)
  • 4 combination bets “3 out of 3” (triple combination bet, system bet “3 out of 4”)
  • 6 combi bets “2 from 2” (two-man combi bets, system bet “2 from 4”)

So you have to place 4 tips to play a Yankee system bet. At least 2 tips must be correct for a payout to occur. The highest profit is achieved, of course, if all 4 bets were played correctly, which automatically means that the 11 combination bets, into which the system tip was divided, were all correct. If you have only 3 correct tips, the correct 3-way combination bet from the 4 games is counted as correct and the 2 correct 2-way combination bets. If you have only 2 correct picks, you will of course only receive the winnings from the one correct 2-way combination bet.

The amount of profit or loss clearly depends on the selected odds. The stake is always set per combination bet. That means with a 1€ stake per combination bet I have to pay a total of 11€ stake to be able to play my Yankee bet.



Yankee bets are often used to hope for 4 correct tips with a somewhat more speculative tip with higher betting odds and thus pocket a high profit. If one of the 4 picks is wrong, the correct 3 bet and the two 2 bets, depending on the odds chosen, give you the chance to at least get your stake back. If only one of the tipped games is correct, the Yankee bet at least ensures that the entire stake is not lost. Yankee bets are therefore basically nothing more than the simplified form of 11 individually concluded combination bets on all possible combinations that allow 4 different betting tips.

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